Science Fiction and Fantasy links at Xenite.Org

So, what is this page? It's the "back door" into Xenite.Org where we accept deliveries. Actually, it's a straight text (or nearly straight text) listing of Xenite.Org's current science fiction and fantasy URLs. This site used to be part of an archive for a message board which no longer resides on Xenite.Org. We've moved our forums and our archives to either SF-FANDOM or SF-WORLDS.

You may be curious about how you ended up here. We're pretty sure you came through a search engine. If you're a Webmaster looking for interesting links and you want to link to Xenite.Org, you may be interested in looking at Xenite.Org's Reciprocal Links program. But please do not use this page as a reference. We'd prefer you linked to Xenite.Org or one of Xenite.Org's actual Web sites with science fiction and fantasy content. This page is just here to help people move on (for now).

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Here are the links to Xenite.Org's current science fiction and fantasy Web sites

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